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Back to Basics – Hats

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a man's head, whilst outside, would always be covered by a hat. Go back a bit farther and one discovers that much of the new world, or at least Canada, was discovered due to an insatiable British desire for felt hats made from beaver pelt. Fast forward to the sixties where the entire plot of Le Samourai hinged on the fact that he wore a specific style of fedora and you begin to see just how … [Read more...]

Buying Belts And Wallets

Belts It is a well-worn maxim that a man's shoes should match his belt. While this sentiment certainly has its merits, it also, as with most absolutes on style, creates a rather severe and foreboding landscape in which a man may dress. A man's belt and shoes can be in whatever varied hues he chooses, provided they do not clash; like socks, there is no need to follow the overly strict and generally misguided dictum of matching when coordination … [Read more...]

Socks: Choose And Coordinate

Generally as much of an afterthought as shoes, socks are the unsung hero of the creatively dressed man. Given next to no coverage by magazines and generally assigned to the back walls of stores, or featured like celebrity mags near the registers, socks can and should be a quick way to spruce up an outfit. On first glance the offerings can be disheartening - pair after pair of grey and black dress socks with an equal number of athletic socks. … [Read more...]

Back to Basics – The Shoe

In this age of doing more with less, global energy crises, and the Ugg viral outbreak, it is the perfect time to contemplate how many shoes a man should own. The Thoughtful Dresser states a rule, unfamiliar to this writer, that a man tends to believe he doesn't need more than three. The esteemed Manolo places that number closer to ten. The simple answer is - as many as he wears. Most men treat footwear as an afterthought, which naturally risks … [Read more...]