From the Archive: Style in the Movies



After doing a search for the next movie (criteria: high on style, bonus points for substance) to help me pleasantly kill hour and a half or more of my life I realized that there are many finely written suggestions to be found here in the archives of If I have managed to forget about some of these posts, I’m sure many of readers have too.

So here’s what I have dug up:

First, in the summer of 2007 Fok-Yan Leung has written about coolness factor in the movies.

Then Simon Crompton talked about his troubles in concentrating on anything but the clothes when watching a movie: The Cincinnati Kid in this particular case.

Andrew Hodges has written eloquently about few of his favorites too: To Catch A Thief, American Gigolo, Bonnie and Clyde and Diner.

Another Andrew, Watson this time, talked about how he was immensely impressed by the style in Anthony Minghella’s The Talented Mr Ripley. I personally am more a fan of the French original from 1960: Plein Soleil.

Last in the trio of Andrews, Andrew Williams, shared his thoughts on relatively newer releases: The Greatest Game Ever Played and Wall Street II.

Every list of style movies would be incomplete without mentioning James Bond. Matt Spaiser shared his expertise for an in-depth look at the five decades of James Bond’s style.

Winston Chesterfield, being a connoisseur of all things aesthetic, has unsurprisingly written the most about the subject: Easter Parade, The Great Gatsby, Brideshead Revisited, Thomas Crown, The Darjeeling Limited, Marcello Mastroianni, Unmistakable Style of Matinee Idol, Coco Avant Chanel, A Room With A View, The Brothers Bloom and The King’s Speech.

Last but certainly not least Dean Balsamo offered his inspired praise of the style in Le Cercle Rouge.



  1. Ricky Davis says:

    I guess the film American Gangster with a certain Mr Washington was never mentioned in your homage. Josh Brolin and Denzil Washington looked pretty cool considering it was the early to mid Seventies.

    Frank Sinatra trilby in the sixties films ‘The Detective’ and ‘Tony Rome’

    Steve Mcqueen in ‘Bullit’

    Casino with Robert Di Nero and Joe Pesci cira 1973 was cool with same coloured shirt and tie combo.

    The opening sequence to Shaft 1971 with Richard Roundtree – leather trench with a small check suit.

    I always thought about the TV detectives. How Starsky and Hutch influenced mens fashion-Preppy Letterman Jackets, Military jacket, Nordic influenced Chunky Cardigans, retro trainers all that’s missing is the Leather Blazer.

    How about Kojak? Three piece suits aviator sunglasses and trilby.

    Banacek with printed shirts,turtle neck jumpers and Sports Jacket combo.

    Thomas Magnum with his hawaiian shirts?

    Miami Vice with the pastel shades and espidrilles?

    Even the Sweeney in GB were pretty cool with the Sheepskin coat and belted trench coat. As was the Saint with Roger Moore and The Persuaders with Tony Curtis.

    One wonders what phase is menswear at right now? What does the future hold?

    Personally we are at the moment fashion wise a combination of 1969-1973 and the early eighties.

    Find your style!

  2. Not forgetting the recent flick “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling. He brought the blouson & Denim jacket back into the limelight for this Summer. This is a stylish film on every level!