Celebrities With Moustache


Jack Black moustacheA moustache can be flattering if you do it the right way. Moustaches are back, and with reason! We’ve seen guys in the limelight and many celebrities with moustache, from fashion photographer Terry Richardson to Nicholas Cage. They’ve morphed from their past ‘70s vibe and have gotten much more tamed. They’re springing back, everywhere—both on college campuses and in the corporate world.

For basic moustache styles, there’s a longer moustache, which will extend from above the mouth straight down to the jaw. There’s the handlebar moustache, which is a classic style that can be grown full or thin to change its shape. The handlebar is known as such because the ends (in theory) are long enough to curl up at the ends. While this look is not the hottest for the season, there are plenty of looks that are. If you will be growing a moustache this season, wear yours thinner and close-cropped.

Celebrity moustacheWhen we’re searching for what style moustache to choose, there’s no better place to look than the stars—the celebrities, that is. Just remember that if you want to get the look that’s in, your choice might not flatter every face. Celebrities with moustache might look great but a moustache will flatter your face only if it looks right for your face shape. For example, celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and Jack Black have traditional thin moustaches confined to the upper lip. This look, a medium-short moustache, is best for someone with a small mouth or with small facial features in general. Terrence Howard’s moustache is the shortest and thinnest of all. Why does it flatter him? His face is a classic shape and he can pull off the look well—in fact, it could be his signature shape.

In addition to their thin moustaches, Sean Penn and Aston Kutcher have also grown a small “soul patch” under their lower lip for balance. Their small square patches of facial hair beneath their lower lips can add the illusion of squareness to a soft chin. A soul patch is easy to keep up. Just be careful to keep it even, as a lopsided patch is awful looking. Use a clear shave gel or oil to help you stay in the lines when shaving.

Heavier moustaches look best with a larger face, or a square face with more prominent features, including a larger upper lip. Tom Selleck has had a heavy moustache that works with his face, on and off, and it balances out his facial features very well. In fact, it’s part of his iconic signature style today. If you like yours a lot, perhaps it will become yours, too.

No matter what style you prefer to style your moustache after, there’s the question of getting the facial hair first. First you will need to grow a bit of stubble, and you’ll need to endure looking a bit, well, untamed for a short while. But soon you get to trim and tame your hair to suit the style you’re going after.


First, you’ll want to shampoo and condition your moustache regularly. Bluebeard’s Original Beard Wash has a great lime scent, with added aloe to keep your skin soft. Another great wash is Beardsley Shampoo, formulated just for beard and facial hair. Beardsley also offers a great Ultra Conditioner, to keep your beard feeling soft and smooth.

Maintain, maintain, maintain! Invest in a good pair of hair trimmers for your moustache. You can use a comb and scissors, too, but it’s a lot slower. If you must use them, moustache scissors from Zwilling/J.A. Henckles are recommended. They are high quality, sharp scissors, with straight blades and comfortable finger loops. A good electric tool to use includes the Conair Deluxe Beard and Moustache Trimmer. Remember when trimming that hair grows in all different directions, so you must trim in all different directions, too.

Blending is an important thing to do with facial hair. Blend moustache hairs by starting at the middle of the moustache and lightly trimming directly from the center. Use a short-cut attachment for a shorter length. Wahl makes great moustache trimmers with an assortment of attachments.

Make sure that you go to a good barbers or stylist to give your moustache a regular update. It will save you work and keep your moustache looking current. Plus, a specialist will be able to check if your hairstyle matches your facial hair, because it’s true they can mismatch. Lastly, enjoy your distinctive look! You’re in style.