Master of Men’s Accessories: Johnny Depp


If you ever need a little bit of guidance on how to wear your accessories for maximum impact, try emulating Johnny Depp’s wildly popular style. While it may seem devil-may-care, Johnny’s accessories blend together in an effortlessly cool look.

The most important thing to remember about Depp’s style is that you can’t look self-conscious, no matter what new look you are trying out. To get Johnny Depp’s incredible style with minimum effort, try the following men’s jewelry and accessories:


Johnny has lots of pendants that he wears regularly. He wears a silver medallion, and although his is engraved with the name and birthdate of his daughter, you can get one in a similar style from Juicy Couture for Men. Complete with Depp’s favorite symbol (the skull), you’ll be right on track. Layer a few for the full effect.




Johnny wears two skull rings on a regular basis. Find yours from





Johnny often wears a leather cuff bracelet like this one from Guess. It has the look as Johnny’s, but this one has a fresh appeal for 2007.




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