Style Icon: Emperor Akihito


Emperor Akihito is the 125th Emperor of Japan. His ancient line have, according to legendary manuscripts, been on the Chrysanthemum Throne since 660BC, making the Japanese imperial family the oldest rulers in the world. And, like most of the other monarchs in the 21st century world, his role is now largely ceremonial. Though his ancestors would have led giant armies into battle, his duties are confined to that of grand ambassadorship; hosting … [Read more...]

Manuel Vanni


Of all the Pitti Peacocks, Manuel Vanni is one of the most resplendent, and certainly one of the most controversial. His plumage is outrageous, fearless and full of contradiction; mad but coordinated, clownish but cool. After all, it takes something pretty special to be gawped at by everyone in Florence and there is no doubt that Vanni seems to enjoy the attention. However, there are those who consider his ensembles to be nothing more than … [Read more...]

The Sharpness of Bond


Next month sees the release of ‘Skyfall’, the 23rd installment of the James Bond series. It will also be the third film to star Daniel Craig as 007 which, in films completed, sets him above Timothy Dalton and below only Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and Sean Connery. Not bad for a man people expected to flop worse than George Lazenby. I must admit, I was a Craig sceptic. I didn’t really see how a gruff, blue-eyed theatre actor with the … [Read more...]

Jubilee Style Icon: Prince Charles


When it comes to popularity, Queen Elizabeth II – who has now been on the throne for more than 60 years – takes some beating. As much as small factions of republicans would like to persuade us that the monarchy is outdated and unwanted, the vast majority (well over 80%) of Her Majesty’s nation approve of her reign. No billion-dollar presidencies seem to be wanted here; no anonymous, small-living head of state. This is not a land people want … [Read more...]

From the Archive: Style in the Movies

After doing a search for the next movie (criteria: high on style, bonus points for substance) to help me pleasantly kill hour and a half or more of my life I realized that there are many finely written suggestions to be found here in the archives of If I have managed to forget about some of these posts, I'm sure many of readers have too. So here's what I have dug up: First, in the summer of 2007 Fok-Yan Leung has written … [Read more...]