Q&A: What Hairstyle for Narrow Face and Thin Body

A reader asks… I have long thin narrow face and long narrow thin body (6 ft tall and 134lbs.) I would to get my hair cut short, but people around me say, "no". I am 49 y.o., but I look early 30. Your opinion would be welcomed. … [Read more...]

Stubble Maintenance

A reader asks… I love the "stubble look." How can I keep my fuzz a little longer without looking like I'm hungover or just plain lazy? I look so much better with a little bit of facial hair, but I do like to look neat.  Answer: Easy! Instead of waiting for … [Read more...]

Rules for Wearing Button-collar Shirts?

A reader asks... I've been wondering if my button-down collared shirts are totally “out.” I like to wear mine unbuttoned, which I've been told isn't proper. Are there rules for wearing button-collar shirts? If, that is, I should still be wearing them? Answer: There's usually some debate stirring around regarding button-collar shirts. … [Read more...]

Wearing Black Suit to a Job Interview

A reader asksQuestion: I’ve been told that I shouldn’t wear a black suit to an interview. Why? Answer: Black suits are generally considered too severe for interviews. While black is elegant and formal, it can be severe and a little standoffish for first impressions. … [Read more...]

Cleaning Suede Shoes

John, Medford, OR asks Question: I'm always having trouble with cleaning suede shoes and, unfortunately, they get dirty easily. Is there a proper way to do it? Answer: The proper way is to take them to professional leather cleaners. … [Read more...]