Wearing Short Sleeve Shirt with a Tie

Maistro, Kampala, Uganda asks Question: Is it OK to wear a short sleeve shirt with a tie? Answer: No, it's not at all OK. … [Read more...]

Shape Mens Eyebrows

Robert, Charlotte, NC asks Question: I'm not pleased with the way my eyebrows look. They are weak and grow in different directions. I wonder how actually men shape their eyebrows for stronger look? Answer: If you have any hairs above your nose (unibrow), or obviously odd shaped eyebrows, plucking is the only way to go. … [Read more...]

The Longest Lasting Mens Fragrances

Brad, St. Louis, MO asks Question: I have always been using sporty fragrances like Adidas or something. Since I have started using Aqua Di Gio, which I get as a gift, I don’t want to go back. I would like to buy some other good fragrance, but my budget is not too high, so I wonder what are the longest lasting fragrances? Answer: To answer your question fully, we would have to execute some serious lab testings and still you will not … [Read more...]

Tee Under Polo Shirt

Dennis, New Orleans, LA asks Question: I always wear a white t-shirt under the polo becouse I just don’t like showing my skin. I’ve seen other people doing the same thing, but my very fashion aware friend told me that t-shirt/polo look is immature. What’s your advice on this? Answer: There are good, practical reasons of wearing t-shirt under polo. … [Read more...]

Should the Shirt Be Tucked or Untucked

Marc, Macon, GA asks Question: Recently I've been told that it is wrong to tuck button down shirts into jeans. Since I always tuck shirts into jeans, it really bothers me. So, should the shirt be tucked or untucked? Answer: As everything else in world of fashion, it always depends. … [Read more...]