Wearing Short Sleeve Shirt with a Tie

Maistro, Kampala, Uganda asks
Question: Is it OK to wear a short sleeve shirt with a tie?


No, it’s not at all OK. [Read more…]

Shape Mens Eyebrows

Robert, Charlotte, NC asks
Question: I’m not pleased with the way my eyebrows look. They are weak and grow in different directions. I wonder how actually men shape their eyebrows for stronger look?


If you have any hairs above your nose (unibrow), or obviously odd shaped eyebrows, plucking is the only way to go. [Read more…]

The Longest Lasting Mens Fragrances

Brad, St. Louis, MO asks
Question: I have always been using sporty fragrances like Adidas or something. Since I have started using Aqua Di Gio, which I get as a gift, I don’t want to go back. I would like to buy some other good fragrance, but my budget is not too high, so I wonder what are the longest lasting fragrances?


To answer your question fully, we would have to execute some serious lab testings and still you will not get the answer that you are really in need of. [Read more…]

Tee Under Polo Shirt

Dennis, New Orleans, LA asks
Question: I always wear a white t-shirt under the polo becouse I just don’t like showing my skin. I’ve seen other people doing the same thing, but my very fashion aware friend told me that t-shirt/polo look is immature. What’s your advice on this?


There are good, practical reasons of wearing t-shirt under polo. [Read more…]

Should the Shirt Be Tucked or Untucked

Marc, Macon, GA asks
Question: Recently I’ve been told that it is wrong to tuck button down shirts into jeans. Since I always tuck shirts into jeans, it really bothers me. So, should the shirt be tucked or untucked?


As everything else in world of fashion, it always depends. [Read more…]