Where to Buy a High Quality Umbrella

David, Portsmouth, England asks
Question: Here in England it’s rainy throughout whole year. It seems like a good investment to buy a high-quality umbrella. Please, help me choose something special.


To choose something special you’ll unfortunately have to pay the special price. [Read more…]

How to Wash Cashmere Sweater

Johan, Lund, Sweden
Question: I recently got great deal for Versace light cashmere sweater. Since I never had cashmere sweater before I would apperciate some help on how to wash cashmere sweater. Is it OK to hand wash it. I’ve heard that cashmere sweaters can only be dry-cleaned.


Many sweaters are ruined because people didn’t know how to wash cashmere sweaters. [Read more…]

Shoud I Wear Atlethic Shoes with Jeans

Brian, Trenton, NJ asks
Question: I’ve been advised to not wear athletic shoes with jeans since athletic shoes are suposed to be worn only for sport activities, with sweats, shorts etc. Is this really such faux pas since I’ve seen many celebrities fashioned this look?


Advice you’ve been given may be partially right. [Read more…]