Shoud I Wear Atlethic Shoes with Jeans


Brian, Trenton, NJ asks
Question: I’ve been advised to not wear athletic shoes with jeans since athletic shoes are suposed to be worn only for sport activities, with sweats, shorts etc. Is this really such faux pas since I’ve seen many celebrities fashioned this look?


Advice you’ve been given may be partially right. Some athletic shoes are suited for sports and should be worn only in gym, for running or other sport activities. These athletic shoes are made to be functional, not fashionable.

There are also more dressy styles of athletic shoes that became fashionable casual look. Nowdays, athletic shoes have evolved to casual wear making jeans/sneakers classic casual look.

Our advice is to always wear more classic styles of “athletic” shoes with jeans. Retro sneakers by Converse, Nike, Puma or Adidas are great choices. There are some great new styles in sneakers and casual shoes to pair with jeans since designers entered into world of sportwear such as Prada sport shoes, Y3 by Yohji Yamamoto or Hogan shoes.