Stubble Maintenance


A reader asks…
I love the “stubble look.” How can I keep my fuzz a little longer without looking like I’m hungover or just plain lazy? I look so much better with a little bit of facial hair, but I do like to look neat. 


Easy! Instead of waiting for that essential layer of stubble to come through, invest in a beard trimmer and keep your stubble at the perfect length all the time.

But not all trimmers are made the same. Cordless ones that are rechargeable will cost the most, but they’re definitely worth it. Stick to brands like Norelco, Remington, Wahl, Braun, Panasonic, and Conair. One of the very best on the market is the Norelco Turbo Vacuum Beard and Mustache Trimmer, which sticks to the contours of your face and vacuums away the stubble before it gets on your countertop. If you’re looking for a budget buy, try the Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer for around $17, which has a 6-setting feature for a closer stubble trim or full shave every once in a while.

To trim your stubble with your new trimmer, trim hairs by shaving at position 1 or 2, with the trimmer held horizontally. Trim hairs using an upward or downward motion, either against or with the direction of the hair growth. Try to avoid using to much pressure, or things could look patchy! Other than that, you’ll save enough time with your trimmer to sleep in a few extra minutes in the morning, and that certainly makes it worth it.

If you’re prone to razor bumps, you may have to allow the hair to grow out much further than you want it to be at first, while treating the skin for those razor bumps, and then cut the hair back to where you need it to be.

Once you get that look that you’re after, you have to dress the part as well. The first thing that comes to mind when you see someone with this look is that that they’re (should be) relaxed. So loose the stuffy, harsh fabrics and go for something lighter, softer, that is easier to get into; doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear silk and linen but perhaps lightweight cotton pants, shorts, shirts, lightweight wool blends, etc.