Tee Under Polo Shirt


Dennis, New Orleans, LA asks
Question: I always wear a white t-shirt under the polo becouse I just don’t like showing my skin. I’ve seen other people doing the same thing, but my very fashion aware friend told me that t-shirt/polo look is immature. What’s your advice on this?


There are good, practical reasons of wearing t-shirt under polo.

  • Keeps sweat out of the polo shirt,
  • You can wear the polo more than once,
  • Not showing any chest hair,
  • Puts more bulk under a slightly large polo.

T-shirt/polo look is also a very in vogue casual look right now since “preppy chic” look is key theme this year. It also gives you an opportunity to experiment with other colors, not just white, to make a contrast/layered look. Just make sure that your t-shirt is body tight, preferably made from cotton/lycra (spandex) combination. Too bulky looks very bad.

On the other hand, if you are 30+, your friend might be right with his objection. If you are somehow able to pull it off – go for it, but prep look shouldn’t be really the look you are trying to fashion. It will probably just look like trying too hard. For practical purposes you can still wear deep v-neck with your polo so that it is not visible. And for the chest hair, they made a trimmer.