Winter Suit Storage


Here in the American South the flowers are blooming, the leaves are popping and the temperatures are rising. I decided over the weekend that it was time to put my winter wardrobe into storage. I won't need those flannel suits or tweed jackets until the weather turns cold again next fall. By removing those items to a storage closet, I am sure to have plenty of uncluttered space in my main closet. Those clothes are also protected until they are … [Read more...]

Get Closer To Shaving


Whatever the morning, shaving is never part of my routine. My toilet consists of a shower, mouth cleansing and moisturising followed by a dash of fragrance and a little combing. Shaving doesn’t feature. The reason? I dislike shaving and my skin is far less sensitive in the evening than it is in the morning. A shave before sleep, though unconventional, allows time for my skin to rest after the ordeal. And what an ordeal. Squeezing out a cheap … [Read more...]

Scented Odyssey Continued…Czech & Speake


As I have mentioned before, I’m on a mission to track down some new scents. This week I’ve been trying out the range of colognes from English company Czech & Speake. Founded by a chap called Frank Sawkins in the 1970s, the aim was to create a luxury bathrooms and fittings retailer. Seeing the bathroom as a sanctuary, quality and craftsmanship were to be the hall marks. Continuing this theme it was only a matter of time before the … [Read more...]

Cutting it Close


Men have been shaving for thousands of years, using everything from seashells, to sharpened rocks, and eventually metal tools. These metal tools changed many times over, but the modern Double Edge (DE or Safety) Razor was developed and introduced to the market by King Camp Gillette in 1901. Before this, there had been various attempts at alternatives to the straight razor, but they were largely unsuccessful. Until the cartridge razors of the … [Read more...]

Maintenance: The Cotton Bud – A Mans Unlikely Best Friend


When I talk of cotton buds I’m referring to those little plastic sticks with cotton wool on each end; most of us use them to clean our ears, despite the box telling us not to and they having no other conceivable use. Although, when I was a kid I remember they did make useful replacement lightsabers for Star Wars figures – provided you removed the cotton wool. Anyways, two tips for why any well set fellow should have a couple of these in … [Read more...]