Reader Question: Tips on the Go


Nick, London: Do you have any practical tips for dealing with stains on clothing and other practical tips?

Sure. First, some practical tips to deal with problems if you are on the road and not within reach of a good haberdasher.

Situation: Unshined shoes.
What to do: First, try rubbing them lightly with a cloth or towel. Much of what appears to be a dullness in the leather is often accumulated dust. In fact, this should generally be done every morning before putting on your shoes. The old rubbing-the-toes-on-the-back-of-your-trouser-leg trick also works, though it doesn’t deal with much other than the toes.

If you’re desperate, eat a banana. Then use the banana peel to give a temporary shine to your shoes. It’s not ideal, but it won’t damage the leather, being natural. Avoid any “quick shine” products as they normally contain silicone, which is effectively giving your shoes a plastic coating.

Popped a shirt button
What to do: Use a safety pin. What do you mean you don’t carry a safety pin? Well find one and use it to fasten the shirt, making sure that both ends of the pin lie flat against the shirt.

Situation: Spilled wine on yourself
What to do: Using a dry white napkin, soak up as much liquid as possible from the surface before it’s absorbed, then dab on cold water so the stain stays damp and doesn’t set. Never rub. If the stain is on a suit or tie, ask someone to recommend a good dry cleaner and go immediately. If it is on a shirt, put straight in the wash.

Your zipper is stuck
What to do: Check to make sure no fabric is caught; if it is, try pulling the zipper up and then down again. Finally, rub the tip of a graphite pencil along the zipper. Graphite powder is a great dry lubricant.

Situation: Static cling
What to do: Find a wire hanger in a nearby coat closet and rub it along the clingy area; the metal will remove the charge.

And one more non-clothing tip…

Situation: Bad breath in the middle of a party
What to do: Find a glass of water and a lemon. Squeeze as much of the lemon into the water as you can. Either drink it or, if you’re hidden away in a corner somewhere, gargle it.
Next week, some general maintenance tips for your suits…


Simon Crompton is a journalist and a style enthusiast living in London, who blogs at He has too many suits.


  1. I was taught, in cases of a halitosis emergency, to grab a wedge of lemon from the bar and put the entire thing in your mouth. Chew well, including the rind and pith. Swallow. Then rinse your mouth with water. It’s a little more extreme than your version, but it has worked for me.

  2. Vladimir Cupal says:

    When you spill red wine on yourself, spill also (as soon as possible) white wine on the stain … advice from my friend, wine maker. It won’t make it clean, but should neutralize most of the ‘aggressiveness’ of red wine and therefore it should be then more easily cleaned.

  3. Carrying a piece of chalk in your suitcase also helps you cover stains that a tide stick won’t get out. I’ve also come to carry a small pencil eraser in my pocket in the case that a lady could lose the back of an earring. It’s a great move that makes you look like James Bond.


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