The Style of The Talented Mr Ripley


One of the greatest sources of sartorial inspiration is, and probably always will be, the silver screen. Who can forget the impeccable suits of Sean Connery’s Bond, or the preppy-meets-cop style of Steve McQueen in Bullitt? Modern technology has made the ferreting out and dissemination of stylish films much easier than it was when I was a nipper. Which is just as well for you, dear reader, as I can share with you a supremely stylish film, … [Read more...]

Reviving Seersucker


Seersucker. Now, I always assumed that it was an America-born-and-bred kind of fabric, but in fact seersucker’s history in the Western world began - as a lot of men’s fashion did - with the British Empire’s pasty colonists, who were taken by the fabric’s ability to keep them cool in far-flung tropical locations. When seersucker eventually arrived in the United States it found a natural home in the South. Gents there who were looking … [Read more...]

Umbrellas in the City


Umbrellas, from left to right: black leather crocodile print handle by Fox Umbrellas, £118; stripped cherry handle by Swaine Adeney Brigg, £245; navy with white spots and chocolate leather handle by Drake’s London, £225 The past few weeks have seen a few days of quite heavy rain. They are gloomy in the extreme, and made considerably worse by the insidious use of umbrellas as a kind of evil, eight-spoked pavement clearing tool. If you … [Read more...]

How Important is Heritage?


The jumper pictured above was hand-knitted on Inis Mor, the largest of the Irish Aran islands. It was made from locally-sourced wool; wool which has been woven by islanders for generations. Each jumper takes approximately one week to make, and in order to receive the Aran Seal must be entirely hand-crafted by the same person. Spot any problems with the paragraph above? As well as lacking a suitably jolly Gaelic folk backing tune and narration … [Read more...]

Summer in Tokyo: Staying Smart While Staying Cool

summer wear in tokyo

There's been a distinct upturn in temperature here in Tokyo over the past week or so, signalling the coming of the (often not so) rainy season and seemingly endless days of 30-degree temperatures and high humidity. Usually summer heat is mitigated by frosty blasts from office air conditioners, but this year is set to be somewhat different. March's earthquake knocked out a considerable number of power stations that supply the Greater Tokyo area, … [Read more...]