Menswear Shopping In Tokyo


If there’s one thing that Tokyo does better than any other city in the world it is the shopping experience. New York, London and Paris are all great, but nowhere will you find the same amount of stores, nor the same variety, as you will in Japan’s largest city. Of course, like any other big city the majority of fashion retail space is dedicated to women’s clothes, but menswear has a great showing. If you’re in Tokyo for a few days, … [Read more...]

The Return of The Tie Clip


There are few items of jewellery that a man can get away with wearing in the workplace. A watch, a pair of cufflinks, a belt and a wedding ring are all fine, of course; but extra rings, necklaces and bracelets are often a step too far. There is, however, one oft-overlooked accessory that's both perfectly suitable for work and highly practical: the tie clip. The tie clip's rise and fall is inextricably linked to the history of the tie itself. … [Read more...]

Sweaters: The Crew Or The V?


[A massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan just as I finished writing this article. Even in Tokyo the tremors were huge, and thousands of people in the north east of the country have been made homeless. If you were planning on buying something fancy this month, please make a donation to the Red Cross or Salvation Army instead.] Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of sweaters. In fact, I’ve now reached the point where I’ll have to … [Read more...]

The Versatility Of The Navy Blazer


If you’re a young chap in your twenties you might very well be slowly working your way up the corporate ladder. If so, chances are you’re in the process of acquiring a decent, respectable work wardrobe. You’ve probably already got at least one navy and a couple of grey suits, and if you’ve followed the advice given by my fellow Men’s Flair columnists you’ll have invested in a few pairs of shoes (black and brown) as well. But have you … [Read more...]

The Right Shade Of Brown Shoe


Black shoes are easy. You can wear them with grey or navy suits (though personally I find navy with black to be a bit too police-uniformly), and no one will bat an eyelid. It’s no wonder, then, that they remain the footwear of choice for the besuited masses. But black shoes can also be a bit boring, and perhaps too severe for certain outfits and circumstances. Brown shoes, on the other hand, offer an almost limitless variety of shades and hues … [Read more...]