Spring Trend: Canvas Belts for Men


If you are sick of the same old leather belts and are craving a change, hop on board with the newest trends of the season—canvas belts. Worn with a preppy shirt from a classic brand, canvas belts make every outfit updated for spring 2007.

Canvas belts may have been a thing of the ’80s, but with everything else from that decade coming back into vogue, it’s not surprisingly that the belts have come along with them into 2007. Canvas belts aren’t just your average camp belts anymore. They’ve gotten sophisticated, much more refined, and very easy to adapt into the average wardrobe. Trends for spring 2007 include belts with self buckles in clean white, navy, yellow, black, and khaki.


Contrasting canvas belts rule the scene in Lacoste’s spring/summer collection. When worn with a veritable rainbow of fun ice cream colors, a white belt highlights a trim waist and adds a fun summer accent to any look. White belts were paired with sherbet colored trousers in bright pink and yellow.

Canvas belts were also subtly striped at Lacoste. A palette of cool tones is mixed into a striped belt with leather closures. With a pair of trousers in a signature preppy style, belts combined with a touch of leather had a little more style to the regular canvas-belted look. The white leather closures on some of the belts go very well indeed with tennis whites and sweaters, bringing in yet another spring trend.

Some canvas belts combine both the striped and self trends in an interesting combination. One of the belts at Lacoste has a subtle stripe in a rich gray on a black ground. When worn with a pair of super-dark trousers, we can see the slight detailing that sets this canvas belt apart from the others. It’s just another option for someone who wants to try the trend, but doesn’t want to wear anything too loud or bright.


Trovata’s surfer-cool belts take the canvas trend in a slightly edgier direction. Trovata plays a bit more of the mix-and-match game with bold belts worn with snow white or navy shorts. Trovata mixes a good deal of colors together in one outfit for a look that’s a little bit beachy and a little bit sporty. Wear your canvas belts with a kaleidoscope of easy-fitting pastel separates for an easy trendy style.

Alessandro Dell’Aqua

Alessandro Dell’Aqua’s belts dispense with the preppier look and go for more of a military feel. Large grommets and an overall increased width give us more options for spring belt trends. Belts from Dell’Aqua are mainly subdued in color, such as an army green, and have more pronounced belt buckles.

Take your pick from belt trends to find the right one for you. Wear them with your casual shorts and trousers this season for an easy and affordable trendy look this spring!