Dangerous Trends


As everyone knows, not all trends are for everyone, and some trends prove to be for no one. When a trend is too innovative or ‘out-there,’ it’s usually an indication of a short life span. Witness such expired trends as destroyed jeans, 80’s neon colored fabrics, underwear as outerwear, and the list continues almost infinitely.

Other trends, however, are somewhere in the middle between completely wearable and outrageous. I call them dangerous trends because when not worn correctly, they can end up looking horribly wrong and laughable. It takes a certain type of person who is advanced in their style of dressing and is adept at experimenting with clothes.

Fur hat

Fur has been making a subtly growing comeback both among men whose goal is to be deviously provocative as well as avant-garde hipsters. While fur coats are still a long way from being acceptable to the mainstream, fur accessories seem to be undergoing resurgence in popularity. After Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2007 collection included fur accented and even three-quarter length fur coats, other designers have followed suit. Hats and scarves make for opulently warm and luxurious pieces, and can even look good when worn the right way and by the right person. The danger, coming not only from being attacked by PETA supporters, is also inherent in that you can easily look like an eccentric throwback from Stalin’s Russia or Daniel Boone.

Metallic blazer

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb in saying that this does not look good on anyone. Not only has not enough time passed since the 70’s to make this new or interesting, but the overall fashion-forwardness of it makes it too risqué for most people to wear. My theory for the existence of this trend is that after metallic handbags for women were such a hit over the summer, designers had a surplus of material they didn’t want to waste.

Slim collar

The thin-collared shirt is a style that had disappeared for a time and has now been reincarnated as the preferred shirt of hipsters (after plaid, of course). The problem with these shirts is that the collar can give a certain look of impotency, in contrast to a high collar, which can make the wearer look powerful and commanding. Therefore, it’s best not to wear them in place of a tradition shirt for any formal or even moderately dressy occasion.

White jeans for winter

White pants for winter are another sartorially tricky item to pull off. Everyone knows the dictum about not wearing white after Labor Day, but this is really an outdated and baseless rule. There are a few basic guidelines to effectively wearing this trend and not causing stares or raised eyebrows. First, white pants should never be worn when it’s gray or raining outside for the simple reason that it looks indecent and flashy. By contrast, on a sunny day, white pants can give you a ‘mod’ look when worn with black ankle boots and a striped sweater.