Monochromatic Winter: Men’s Fashion for Fall/Winter 2007/2008


If you’ve noticed a concurrent theme throughout the collections of various designers for the Fall 2007 season there appears to be a general lack of color in various collections offered by designers as diverse as Calvin Klein to Dolce & Gabbana.Dolce & Gabbana - cerdit: Some things never change, such as the artful minimalism that the Calvin Klein label carries with it or the classic kitsch of Dolce & Gabbana offerings, yet some of the methods in which that fashion ethos is conveyed have. Dolce & Gabbana, once known for its denim and bright, bold, aggressive attire years ago showcased their latest collection with astronauts clad in all white uniforms, and of course, just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone walks out in a grey t-shirt with metallic gold trousers paired with gold sneakers. Like the type of gold that P. Diddy wears around his neck, yes, that gold. They also shook things up a little bit by using primary colors instead of metallic colors, but for the most part the theme was the same as always with D&G; more forward thinking, experimental urban wear that appeals to the younger crowd.

Dries Van Noten - credit: colors are classic, but the designers there found very creative ways to make something new out the old, creating a look that can appeal to both young and old. Many designers showcased models with slim fitting shiny trousers and shoes to match or contrast the pants with similar tops. Some of the more eccentric collections came from Dries Van Noten, Prada and Louis Viutton, in fact, Miuccia Prada showed very interesting ways to make use of mohair sweaters, while Marc Jacobs showcased rather bland looking denim that featured superior styling, in ways which most of us would have never imagined. On the other hand, the super luxurious look offered by Hermes was accented with plenty of grey contrasted against shades of brown.

The idea this season seems to point to a mix of classical looks reinvented to include the contradictions of tomorrow’s couture in ways that are difficult to wrap ones mind around. Then again, that is part of the fun of fashion to begin with, to experiment with your own ways in which you can take ordinary looking items and mix them up a bit with something that you normally would not think goes with the outfit, or, layer items in ways you never thought of previously. We’re not suggesting that you take a nice pair of trousers and pair them with a super lightweight t-shirt, but then again if you must insist…

– Chris Kendalls