Jeans Fashion Trends


Fashions come and go, but jeans are never out of style. This season, the overall look is dressy and elegant.  When it comes to jeans, a bit slimer fit was big hit on catewalks for this season. Jeans are definitely getting leaner with a slightly higher waist than past years. It also seems that loudly faded jeans are slowly loosing ground. On the other hand, it seems that embroidering and stiching on jeans is here to stay. Vintage jeans look is also still en vogue.

men's jeans trendsSome looks of past seasons were still present on catewalks, including layering or pairing a dressier top with a pair of comfortable, faded jeans. Knits are making a comeback, and there’s no better compliment to a sweater than a sleek pair of jeans. The bad boy look is also a continuing favorite, so compliment any pair of denims with a leather coat and you’re good to go.

When mixing styles, it’s okay to combine dressy and casual, as long as you stay within certain limits. Heavy, durable jeans require a heavier weighted top, for example, but you can still use the dress shirt theme. Aim for similar textures and you’ll be fine. If you’re going for a layered or dressier look on top, pair with a slimer pair of dark jeans.

Interested in a bit of color? If you favor the blues, stick to ’em; they’re always in style, especially dark blue for this winter. But jeans this season also come in black, gray (very present on catewalks), tan, and even green, and are available in every fit imaginable. Set yourself apart from the crowd by donning some denim in a different shade. If you’re opting for the bad boy look mentioned earlier, consider a lean, tailored cut black jean with a leather coat, t-shirt hanging partway out, or the partially unbuttoned dress shirt. Take inspiration from classic rockers and embellish the look with a metal chain. You might also be interested in topping off your jeans with a studded belt. If you’re more into the glam rock look, consider jeans embellished with crystals or embroidery, but keep in mind you may never want to wear these again after this season.

Your favorite superheroes are also lending themselves to fashion this fall, such as the jean and t-shirt look donned by the WB’s Clark Kent. Simple and to the point, the jeans and t-shirt is always a favorite–but feel free to expand your t-shirt color choices beyond primary red and blue.

Overall, while you can still purchase baggy-cut jeans, the tailored look and boot cut fits are more in style this year. (Whether or not you choose to add the boots is up to you.) A straight cut jean just naturally lends itself to a casual sport jacket. The look is confident and comfortable.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans, consider your style and budget. Classic straight cut styles with a little new twist never go out of fashion. You can drop a hundred bucks or so on a pair of these and be in business for the next couple of years. However, if you’re in the mood and have the budget, you can drop the same amount or more on a trendy pair of jeans that you may or may not want to venture out in public in next year. Keep in mind that styles change rapidly, but some styles are here to stay, and classic jeans are one of them.