Trend: Wide Leather Cuff Watch


Leather cuff watch is the hip accessory for fashionable men this year. If you’ve been seeing watches with wide bands that are usually fashioned out of leather, these are the cuffs you’ll need.

A wide leather cuff watch serves as a manly fashion accessory that won’t compromise your image. If you’re into accessories that have a lot of impact and keeping your look hip, then the leather cuff is the right accessory to wear. Cuff watches can be incorporated into many different looks for all kinds of men. They’re no longer for the hard rockers and the scenesters anymore, but for the type of guy who likes acknowledge a trend without bowing down to one.

Leather cuff watchCelebrities who have picked up on this trend include Johnny Depp—who is always sporting daring men’s accessories—and rock stars. Football star David Beckham, NERD’s Farell Williams, and Brett “Ace” Young and Chris Daughtry from American Idol have all been spotted wearing cuff-style watches and accessories.

Cuff watches aren’t necessarily a loud accessory. It’s up to you to decide how you want to wear one: thick or thin, brightly colored or a natural brown. These watches can be very simple, with an understated watch face on a wide band, or can have ornate details like metal snaps, studs, engraving, and even photos. Strong details can make your watch into a conversation piece when you include extra buckles, topstitching, or metal detailing. For the most daring of all, there are animal prints like snakeskin or lizard-y leather.

A wide leather cuff watch is not for the office: it’s definitely more on the casual-slash-clubwear side of your wardrobe. Wear your leather cuff watch with a good pair of trendy but casual jeans and a simple tee or long-sleeve shirt. Don’t go for anything too overstated in the shirt department—when you’ve got a pretty sizeable accessory, you need to tone down your look a bit to show it off.

Your cuff watch will also draw attention to your arms; so if that’s not what you’re looking for, try a slimmer cuff-style watch as a nod to the trend without damaging your appeal. Cuff watches aren’t all the same: they come in sizes from the very wide (over three inches) to much slimmer. A wider cuff watch will also shorten the length of your arm, so if you have shorter arms, be careful about the width of cuff you purchase.

Although leather watch cuffs are what we’ve been seeing on the street, that doesn’t mean that you can’t break the mold a bit. There are some metal cuff bracelets which can be tried if you’re into experimenting and pushing the trend a bit more. Tarnished metal has a sexy, worn appeal to it, particularly against bronzed, healthy skin. Try a simple, silver cuff from the UK’s Stephen Einhorn, Ltd., which is simple and sexy, or a more modern style in titanium.

A cuff watch is a great piece to wear whether you’re looking for a revamp or just a new trendy touch to your look. Fossil and Diesel both have some funky designs for their cuff watches. They’re chunky and original, complete with the trendy shape you’re looking for. With all of the styles and colors available, you’ll be able to find the perfect accessory for you.