Men’s Beach Wear Trends


The end of spring signifies the beginning of summer, which for many is an excuse just to take their clothes off! No, I don’t mean entirely – I’m talking about donning swimwear, grabbing a surfboard and taking off to the beach. Even though you won’t be wearing many clothes, people will notice even the smallest detail of your ensemble so it’s best to look your best. Here, the hottest trends in men’s beach wear for 2006 and how you can copy that sizzling style yourself.

Mens beach wear trendBy far the most popular styles of beach wear for men would be the standard swim trunks. There’s nothing “standard” about the latest styles, though. Trunks are much slimmer and bit shorter than before. Hawaiian prints, ethnic touches, and retro are in now; forgo your basic black for something wild and flashy. This season’s beach wear is your excuse to go wild with prints you wouldn’t dare wear anywhere else. Speedos and shrinking shorts were highly noticed on the catwalks for this summer. Cargo pockets seem to be making waves as well, turning the classic swim trunks into a style icon all their own. What’s more, you could even wear your swim shorts as regular shorts, paired with a nice t-shirt.

Sleeveless t-shirts are highly popular in mens beach wear this season as well, fitted with anything from retro logos to eye-catching designs that are sure to get you noticed. Many of these shirts are vintage in nature, which surprisingly fairs well for beach wear. You’ll definitely be in style with the newest sleeveless tees. Want a little more cover on your trip to a beach? You can try a casual collared shirt; with their light, breezy fabrics you won’t have to worry about staying cool. What’s more, these style-stoppers can easily transition from day beachwear to night, so you can take one along with you and see where the day leads!

No one thinks of lugging heavy sneakers to the beach, so of course sandals are a must. And not any sandals. The newest styles are easily portable and won’t put a dent in your wallet. Stay away from suede and leather, and stick with rubber and plastic flip flops or thong sandals. They’re the perfect beach wear accessory, and with a wide range of colors and styles you’re guaranteed to find one to fit your own unique personality. Also, make it a point to stay away from those Velcro-strap nightmares; they make you look anything but cool.

Of course, what’s a trip to the beach without a great pair of sunglasses to complete your look? Aviator, rimless and oversized shades are definitely this season’s must-haves. Depending on your overall look, pick a pair of glasses that will complement – not compete – with your unique sense of style. The right pair of sunglasses can definitely work wonders on your beach wear as a whole.

Follow these trends for looking great, and you’ll definitely have it made in the shade this season.