Men’s Fragrances Trend


fragrance trendThese days men are more aware of their personal appearance and less intimidated by fragrance products. With presence of word “metrosexual” on every corner you would expect that trend in men’s fragrances is towards fresh fruit accords and sweeter floral notes that would give fragrances more of a feminine approach. The rediscovery of male sexuality doesn’t necessarily mean that all men are crazy for their feminine side. Many of men (and women) are becoming afraid of where this whole “metrosexual” thing is going. When it comes to scents, it becomes even truer. Men do not want to smell like women, and women also do not want them to smell like women. Thankfully, trend in fashion is towards classic elegant looks and fragrance industry is following that trend.

The hot trend these days are fragrances that evoke masculine attitude. It means unisex thing is dead. Woody oriental will be buzzword in fragrances for men for next few years. Also popular is use of rare, more exotic and diferent spicy notes in every product which lend the brand’s signature. Trend is bigger scale of distinction among brands, which produces unique, recognizible style of every product.

mens fragrance trendNew big trend in the industry is using a celebrity to create his own fragrance (with a little help of professionals) in attempt to entice buyers to identify with characteristics of celebrity by using his fragrance product. It is up to you to choose will you fall for this or not, but our recommendation is: stick to classic men’s fragrance makers.

Trends in daytime fragrances will remain crisp and cool scents, as men still want to be fresh and clean during the day. Fruit notes will hardly find their way into men’s fragrances this year, but expect more of aromatic woody blends. Classics will prevail, with oriented and spicy fragrances that will be clean and not overpowering. “Sport” fragrances will continue to influence world of men’s daywear fragrances. Cool, fresh, less aromatic spices with warm, woody fragrances will be generally trend in daytime fragrances.

For evening, lighter, crisp daytime scents will not be an option. Spicy warm Orientals with precious woods scents and new exotic spice notes will find their way into evening fragrances. Scents will be stronger, more classic and more macho, with new dash of elegance through more romantic, woody fragrance.

With seeing a lot of return to the traditional, fragrances are, in general, more masculine, unique, cultured and classic.