Men’s Winter Hats Trends


Men's winter hat gucciIt’s cold out there this winter and men need to wear the right hats to stay warm and show their style. Men’s winter hats are both practical and fashionable and selecting the right hat depends on many factors. Where you are going, how cold it is and what you are wearing are the prime considerations in determining what hats are most suitable. Remember that up to forty percent of body heat can be lost if the head is exposed. So, cover up, feel warm but look good in the perfect hat.

This winter, one of the most popular men’s hats choices is the beanie. A beanie is a small skull cap usually made of wool, synthetic material or fleece. It should be worn to fit the top of the head and low on the brow. It may also cover your ears. Burberry Prorsum, Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni all utilized beanies in their fall collections. For a casual look, pair a beanie hat with sweater and jeans, matching the color and texture to the sweater. Alternately, you may choose a casual shirt with a matching beanie and scarf combination. For a more formal look, a dark suit and tie with a complimenting beanie hat looks elegant. Choose dark colors such as charcoal, navy blue and black to coordinate with the trend in dark colors this season.

Flat caps are a big trend this year and can also be worn with casual and dressy attire. These caps are round with a small brim and high back. Traditional wool and tweed were used a lot this season but we also saw a lot of leather and fur. Alexander McQueen, Burberry Prorsum and Dolce & Gabbana all used flat caps for a predominantly casual appearance. These hats can be worn with just about everything. Don a solid color slightly low on your brow with your favorite jeans and T-shirt or casual outfit. Yohji Yamamoto balanced a suit over a sweater with a wool flat cap for a sophisticated business look. Using tweed and patterns will also help dress it up a bit.

The fedora never goes out of style and can successfully be worn as a winter hat. It has a full brim and is creased lengthwise down the crown. The Costume National Homme collection and Versace utilized fedoras with suits, pairing them with pinstripe suit and vest combinations, the ideal for evening elegance. Dior combined a fedora with a scarf, dress slacks and jacket covering a torn t-shirt for a more casual feel, perfect for a winter night out to your favorite bar. The fedora can be worn several ways, depending on your mood and attire. Square on the head evokes a no-nonsense, strong image where pulling it down a bit lower on the brow gives a bit of mystique. Wear it slightly cocked to the side and low on the brow to show your playful side. This year’s hot fabrics for fedoras are velvet, fur, leather and the standard felt. Fedoras are highly versatile and can be found in almost every color. This year, though, when picking your fedora, stick with the dark colors.

Hooded jackets are a practical yet stylish alternative to winter hats and can be worn for just about any more casual event. Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren used fur trimmed hooded coats over suits to portray a sophisticated business look that can go from the office to nightlife. A mid length, double-breasted leather jacket with fur-trimmed hood is the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. The same coat will work equally well with more casual attire.

If you have a bit more daring style or flair for the dramatic, several designers like Prada and Dsquared used some funky hats like top hats and military style hats to accentuate trendy, casual clothing. In fabrics such as wool, leather and fur, the hat should be worn with confidence, square on the head. Use this with denim and leather for day or with a casual suit for evening. This look is for the man who is not afraid to be noticed and who likes to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

For cold winter days, choose heavier fabrics, such as wool, fur or leather. Don’t use overly bright or multi colored fabrics in dress hats. Instead, use monochromatic or two tone colors. A black hat with a black band is preferred over a black hat with a red band. If you want two colors in your winter hats, choose a subtle compliment such as a grey hat with a black band. Use of tweed or patterns is a good way to add a bit of character without foregoing the monochromatic look. Adding a few winter hats to your wardrobe will enable you to have a hat to go with different occasions and you’ll be warm and stylish all winter.