Fall Trend: Pea Coats For Men


Pea coats for menPea coats for men are a classic look and back in again! If you have a pea coat already, or if you’re about to do some shopping, let’s see if what you have in mind fits the mold for the colder months.

Pea coats for this fall from runways

If you want to go timeless and you plan to be wearing your peacoat for a few seasons to come, try the most classic shape available—a mid-length coat with a fitted silhouette, in a dark color. If you need a subtle update, go for slanted welt pockets as seen on Costume National Homme’s Peacoat.


Do you need to stay businesslike, but you’re looking for something new, try texture with tweeds and herringbones. A tweed blend pea coat is a new look that lends a vintage touch. Gigli has a high-fashion version that suits a broad chest perfectly—or gives the illusion that you have one. That’s certainly a plus, as is the price.

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, try slightly longer versions of pea coats for men by Armani, which will flatter broad shoulders perfectly. It’s not fussy and is the most formal of the bunch. For equally formal pea coats with a shorter length, try one from Dolce and Gabbana, which features three-pocket styling.

Do you have the weekdays covered but you need a coat for the weekend? If you’re more of an individualist, try a pea coat from Diesel. It makes for perfect weekend wear and total comfort. It’s tastefully embroidered on the arm, as well, which adds interest without being too much. Another casual peacoat is by R.E.D. Valentino. This pea coat has a straight silhouette and mock neckline is different, perfect for a trendy weekend look.


Whatever style you choose, consider color carefully. A one-off color will look casual, so if you’re into weekend wear, go for a sage green. For work, try somber grays, peat browns, and understated blues.

Avoid, please

Pea coats for men are quite traditional, so you don’t take as much risk of making fashion errors. That being said, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind when choosing a pea coat. The first, and perhaps most important, is length. Pea coats of an unflattering length are a terrible mistake to make. Longer lengths are definitely in, but if you’re of average height, make sure that you don’t swamp yourself. A too-long coat will make you look shorter.

To belt or not to belt? It’s up to you. If you’ve got a firm physique that you’re proud of, then by all means, belt away. If you’re a bit on the round side, there’s no need to belt with a well-fitting coat. Don’t try to hide in an oversized coat—it will simple make you look bigger.


What looks good with pea coats? Thankfully, almost everything! As the gentleman look is in for fall, go all out with some British-inspired accessories. Caps and hats complement pea coats well, especially in a natty tweed or herringbone. Leather accessories, like a briefcase in brown, worn leather, along with laced shoes will complete the look.

Just try to match your look with the style. A traditional pea coat won’t go with very casual clothes, just as a one-off style or color won’t mesh with a business vibe. It’s all about balance!