Retro Sunglasses Trend


Eyewear is exciting this season, as designers are embracing new styles and reworked looks to give you a ton of cool choices to choose from. Sunglasses are super stylish and booming in popularity—and styles have never been so easily available.

It’s all about personal style. Some sunglasses brands have expanded with the sleekest wraparound shades and the most modern shapes, but really hot this season are retro frames. The retro styles range from ’70s police-style aviators to chunky plastic shades straight out of our favorite ’80s films. We’re even seeing a touch of the 1960s this year in highly geometric frame styles. recently had a feature on trends in sunglasses for this spring/summer season. It was hard to miss that all frames featured were influenced by retro sunglasses styles:

Square, Bold Plastic FramesBurberry - credit:
These Burberry sunglasses are a modern take on the classic square frame style. You can wear ones that have slightly translucent lenses and a very bold shape. The more retro they look, the better, so don’t go for sleek shapes. Hunt for sunglasses from Ray-Ban, which has also revitalized retro styles this season. Old is in!

GeometricsLouis Vuitton - credit:
The ’60s are back and so are the sunglasses from that memorable decade! With the clever use of square-yet-modern shapes, sunglasses this summer work well with button-looks like linen suits and preppy, relaxed styles. The best creative geometric frames come from Louis Vuitton, a brand which is spicing things up on the sunglasses scene with bold checkerboard patterns and logo designs. Anne Et Valentin had a pair of particularly bold, squared-off sunglasses in deep black.

The Wayfarer Style
Tom Ford - credit:
Well, it’s not a new style, but the traditional Ray-Ban shades are growing in popularity, and we’re also seeing tons of reworked versions gracing the runway. The Wayfarer works with anything, from light summer suits to white jeans, and it’s an undeniable classic. For those of us who already own a pair, try the newer versions by different brands such as Tom Ford’s pair in tortoiseshell.

Detailed FramesVeronique Branquinho - credit:
Detailed frame of past times is back again. Leather is hot right now, so prepare yourself for a little cowboy-style tooling. Best worn with your favorite jeans and tees, these detailed frames have rugged appeal. Try yours in red this season, or plain black to complement anything you choose to wear. For those of us who crave a little twist on every trend, Veronique Branquinho’s shades for Linda Farrow are available in a deep bronze leather on the earpieces and a coordinating metal frames.

The Aviatorsdiesel - credit:
Aviators have slimmed down and have gotten true urban appeal with sleek shapes. Many versions have smoothed the nose bridge above the eyes into an all-in-one frame, while others have a boxier shape than the traditional rounded lenses. While aviators flatter heart-shaped faces the best, you’ll be able to find one that flatters you with all these new versions.

Color, Color, ColorPaul Smith - credit:
Try bright white frames on your sunglasses or even one of the new colored lenses to keep your sunglasses collection current. Lenses in gradient pinks and ambers stole the show this season. Oliver Goldsmith had some very bright pink lenses in tortoiseshell frames, as well as blue and gold, while Paul Smith went the purple route on his frames as well.



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