Hairstyles on the New York Runway: Spring 2008 Offers Plenty of Choice


You may just have a grasp on fall hairstyles, but why not look forward to spring? Popular styles have been all over the runways in New York, and when you’re cultivating your winter ‘do, you’ll know exactly how to make the crucial season-to-season transition. Or, is there such a thing as fall and spring hairstyles at all? Good hairstyle is a good hairstyle, right? Go ahead, take a look, and get ahead of the crowd. No reason to not fashion new styles already. (New York Spring 2008 runway pictures)

Tony Melillo: Wavy Natural

Melillo’s hairstyles were natural for spring 2008, with a little bit of wave. Now before you start to think that you’ll have to whip out the curling iron, let me tell you this: wavy styles best suit a guy with some natural volume.

Hair was tousled and wild on the runway, and looks best when grown-out and shaggy. Get the look by towel drying your hair, and finger tousling with a mousse like Sebastian Shaper Full-On Mousse.

John Varvatos: Piecy ‘Dos

If you’re plagued with messy hair and cowlicks, Varvatos has made it a heck of a lot easier to be trendy. The Spring 2008 show was home to piecy looks with a lot of irresistibly easy dips near the crown.

If you’re going in for a trim soon, start cultivating your hairstyle by asking for a choppy cut with layers mixed in. Apply extra-body mousse or gel into the ends to separate them, and then spray the tiniest bit of flexible hold spray to keep everything in place. Play a little bit with your hair to find the look that works, and try the Every Man Jack products available at Target to find what works best in your hair. This product line is affordable and high quality, so there’s nothing stopping you from getting the ultimate coif.

Michael Kors: Smooth Styles

Don’t be afraid to get slick—with your hair, that is. Hairstyles channeled a beachy vibe that’s ultra clean-cut. Even if you’re not a traditional preppy guy, why not fake it from time to time? It’s a great look for fall, and an easy one for work.

Aim to use a traditional Brylcreem in your hair when you’re slicking everything back. Take a small scoop of product, and work the product in through the top. You’ll make or break the look with the next step: comb your hair, and comb it well. Hold the look with a slight spritz of hair spray, but don’t go too heavy. No one likes a helmet head!

Thom Browne: Traditional Cuts

You’ll find Thom Browne’s hairstyles to be the most traditional, and probably the easiest if you work in a conservative office. Sideswept hair looks perfect with a cool grey suit and oxfords, and it still will for Spring 2008. At last, a look you can rely on. . .

You can style your hair less and rely on the cut more for this particular look. If you don’t have a barber you can trust, find one now. Major hair transitions are not for the fainthearted, but you’ll be pleased with a well-shaped cut from a traditional barbershop. Try combing in a little pomade to finish off that classy look to a “t.” Complement your style with a well turned-out ‘fit, though—nothing’s worse than a great haircut without the clothes to back it up.



  1. ERIC FRANTZ 25 MALE says:


  2. Brylcreem is in style for a 2008 slicked back hairstyle ? I would like to hear from the ladies their opinion of men who slick their hair back with Brylcreem. Do they like it ?

  3. How are these trends at all? The 4 styles are all the same styles models wear in fashion shows every season.

  4. You may be right that you only see models with these hairstyles. Ladies, what is your preference ?

  5. if you have short hair, you wont be able to grow your hair by this year. i have a short mohawk.girls love it!

  6. Cristian says:

    are you kidding me? this has to be the worst hair advice i`ve ever heard/seen!!!!

    “Hairstyles channeled a beachy vibe that’s ultra clean-cut”

  7. I love a man who uses classic brylcreem to slick back his hair. It’s very sexy !

  8. Jim Smith says:

    Michelle….we need to get together…I would love to use classic brylcreem to slick back my hair for a lady who thinks it’s a very sexy look !

  9. Michelle says:

    Ooooooooh ! I definitely want to meet you. Will you let me comb your hair ?

  10. Jim Smith says:

    Michelle…you can comb my hair anytime and run your gorgeous fingers through it. Let me know how I can reach you…do you have an email address ?

  11. Jim Nastics says:

    A little dab’ll do ya !

  12. Kari - 32 says:

    There is nothing I love more than to have something to grab onto like a fistful of hair as it’s gliding across my chest.

  13. Kari, where do I sign up ? I would love for you to run your fingers through my hair ! Wow !