The Newest Trend is… ‘Timeless Classic’


If you are not a fan of the rampant lumberjack-bohemian look that has taken fashion by storm this season, you are neither alone nor out of luck. There has been a subversive trend steadily brewing that is as refined and sophisticated as the lumberjack look is common and dated.

The return in popularity of classic fabrics such as houndstooth, herringbone, and tweed has brought with it a resurgence of other timeless pieces, which together create an old-world sophistication. While never having actually gone out of style, it seemed to be in a period of hibernation, suffering through metaphorical winters of the 70’s and 80’s, only to be seen on those dandies fighting to keep alive the tradition of dressing with elegance and pride.

Spotted on the feet of Manhattan’s well-heeled (pun intended) community, are suede loafers, brogues, and boots, which are in many ways more sumptuous and versatile than the same options in leather. One of the best things about suede is that it is both acceptable for almost any office dress code during the workday and can also be transformed into a casual shoe for nightly trysts or escapades. The suede loafer, especially, is one shoe that will never go completely out of style as fashions change. The gold standard is invariably from either Gucci or Ferragamo ($590, pictured) because of their trademark hardware detailing on the shoe that gives it the extra something to complete the look. For a less expensive, though still admittedly pricey shoe, Gordon Rush ($175) makes a great pair for a fraction of the cost.

Suede boots are yet another way to show off your pre-eminent fashion ability while also impressing others with your sensibility. In the form of desert boots, like this pair from John Varvatos ($298), they are rugged and stylish in a way that a pair of Timberlands cannot be (though I still wouldn’t endorse them as a viable substitute for use in a construction site at the price by which they sell). As seen in the photo below, they can also be easily dressed up to look sophisticated, making it the only shoe that can take you from the back yard to the back seat of the company car.

Another item experiencing a renaissance, even among younger people is the patterned scarf, like this one from Loro Paina ($495). While plain, monochrome scarves are great for everyday wear, patterned ones add flair to your outfit and can even become its centerpiece due to their eye-catching design. Also in the realm of scarves, making a comeback is the silk scarf and riding on its coattails, the ascot. While neither provides much in the way of practicality or warmth, when was fashion really ever about practicality?