Spring Trend: V-Neck Sweaters


V-neck sweaters are perfect separate staples for men, and now that they’re back, they’ll be making an appearance in your wardrobe soon. Tons of colors, lots of silhouettes, and a healthy selection of designers make v-necks the trend for Spring 2007.

Worn with tight trousers or slim jeans, v-neck sweaters are coming back in light solids and striped versions. Deep v-necks add a more modern effect to some sweaters, while other v-necks are constructed in innovative, hi-tech fabrics for an even more updated look. For the trendiest style this season, try a daringly deep v-neck sweater in gray to match with new gray flannel suits from designers like Patrik Ervell and Burberry.

On the Runways

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein is a master of basic looks, and you will feel that straight away with his newest v-neck styles. Light blue fine-knit v-necks are paired with serious suits in new pegged silhouettes. When tucked in to show off your waistline, v-necks can add also be very slimming. In the untucked styles, Calvin Klein’s v-necks emphasize the chest and add a burly silhouette. Neutrals predominate the scene and include white and tan.

Givenchy’s necklines are bold this spring. Their v-neck sweaters have a sporty appeal for more casual men, such as a white one with jet black trim along the seams. Givenchy’s button-down versions add a bold new look, with a graphic appeal and contrasting buttons. Other Givenchy v-necks aren’t quite v-shaped, but they follow the deep neckline trend in overstated basketball styled shapes, often sleeveless and tight.

Pringle of Scotland
Pringle’s looks are very traditional, and their v-neck sweaters match highly tailored suits perfectly. White trousers are worn with contrasting suits jackets in cream, light gray, and warm oyster. V-necks are tucked in to show off your waistline, so if you need a trim look for spring, follow Pringle of Scotland’s example. Interesting loose knits on some v-neck styles add a casual touch for the weekends, and can be paired with pegged trousers and loafers for a simple, trendy look.

Etro has a unique and highly casual appeal. Bold stripes in lightweight knits complement your look so you can wear the spring’s newest trends all week long. These cool Etro v-necks are available in black and white, purple, and soft heather gray.

How to Wear

V-necks are so versatile. Wear them with jeans, suits, blazers, and shorts this spring for a trendy look all around. If you’re not comfortable with trendy looks or you’re on a budget, the v-neck sweater is the one look for spring 2007 you should invest in.

Even if you have v-necks in your closet already, the newest trends will add some spice to your wardrobe. Try loose knits, new colors, and a slimmer silhouette to wear one of Spring 2007’s hottest trends now.