Watches Trends to Watch for


watchesWe’ve all heard that watch is the single most important accessory for a man. It may appear that many men understand this since almost every guy has a watch on his hand, but for watches to be considered fashion accessory watches must be not only functional but also stylish and “in vogue”.

The big trend is big watches, both in size and in shape. Many are more than 40 millimeters in diameter. This trend will surely continue as every watchmaker is picking up on this trend. Every celebrity I’ve seen recently is also picked up this trend. Actually, if you spot a celebrity with a small watch we’ll buy you one. Women watches are also affected with this trend, so you better know in case you want buy one as a gift for her. Also popular watches trends are larger numbers on dials.

Hot trends in watches styling and design are retro looks in tonneau (French for “barrel”) shape and “TV screen” shape, and most of all in geometric rectangular shaped case. Of course round look still dominate in casual category. Slim watches (usually 3-4 millimeters) are also in.

The most sought after watches trends in dressy watches this year are classic retro looks with mechanical movements. Inspired by nostalgia trends watchmakers are now looking into their archive of designs and re-issuing classic watches. New watches are retro but also contemporary.

watches to watchPopular combination in materials remains steel and diamonds, but gold is returning to its dominance among finer brands. Hot new material is titanium. Trends in bracelet materials is towards leather and some new exotic materials in casual styles. Stainless steel and gold combination is still popular in dressy styles, but with ever growing popularity of vintage watches leather bracelets now dominate not only in casual designs but also in classic designs. Leather band watches with wide leather bands are also very popular casual looks these days. Bands often have a lot of details, texture, layers of leather or stitching.

To accompany this year’s preppy colorful look, trends are saying that watches are not required to be in formal colors anymore. This trend is picked up not only by casual designs but by classic designs too. “In” thing are bright leather straps in red, yellow, and even orange. Electric blue is hot color for dials. These new colorful watches will surely catch the eye and leave everyone with an opportunity to add a dash of color in rather neutral look.

New trends in men’s watches are new functionalities like two-dial, dual-time features. Moonphase indicator function is also very popular. All these new functions are there less because of function and more because of their look on the dial witch leaves watch designers with lot of free area to provide a variety of new styles.