White Jeans Trend


If you’ve been seeing white jeans in the shops and in the newest collections, read on to find out what’s new for spring/sumer 2007 from some of the newest brands as well as our old favorites. This time, whites have been reworked into a variety of flattering cuts that, when paired with anything from flip flops to boots, will make their way straight to Labor Day this season.

On the Runways


Edwin jeans have gone the route of innovation rather than easy trendy styles and washes, and their dedication has really paid off for spring/summer 2007. Their white jeans were available in a style with an emphasized crossgrain for added interest. Not all of your denim needs to look the same this spring semester!


Whyred’s jeans caught the attention when a white pair from Razorlight’s lead singer Johnnie Borell were auctioned off on eBay to benefit the CLIC Sargent fund, which fights children’s cancer. Whyred refreshed our memory this season with collection that features a virtual boatload of white jeans. Mixing cotton and seaside lifestyles, this brand developed a carefree attitude with their white denim that makes it a whole lot more fun. Denim was paired with pale gray cardigans and white boots, as well as a more dressed-up look of blazers and jackets. Nearly everything was worn with basic solids, but the variety of colors and styles add interest.

Our personal favorite from Whyred has to be their daring mix of color along with their casual jeans. Bright red belts and scarves punch up neutral shirts and shoes in colors like sand, light gray, and an interesting dull green.


Nudie jeans, a Swedish cult label which has been filling men’s closets with alarming rapidity, has some of the best choices for white jeans this season. They are simple, slim, and best paired with nautical elements or fun, simple preppy styles. Nudie jeans are very versatile in terms of fit, and we saw them dressed both up and down in their recent collection. Go for a beachy vibe for a look that will work all summer long.


Lacoste has the preppy country-club white look completely down. While they specialize more in twill than in denim, their collections can give everyone who is interested in white denim some ideas on dressing theirs up. White trousers paired with soft pastel button-down oxford shirts as well as basic striped polos and collared tees.

Get the Look

As on the runways this season, your white jeans can be worn with surprisingly versatile looks for spring and summer 2007. Don’t think that your favorite pair can just be worn with a tan and a pastel polo shirt and tennis shoes! While that is a possibility, you can also try western style shirts and slip-on moccasins and loafers.

•  Wear white jeans with black. With the right look, this interesting graphic combination can be bold for night.
• White is perfect for the summer, so try your jeans with everything from dress shoes to bare feet.
• Avoid coordinating with completely white tennis shoes to escape the bore of all white look.
• Wear your white jeans beltless. The clean line of these classic jeans will be emphasized.
• Don’t obsess about potential staining of your white denim. Wear them and try not to worry too much about making marks on your jeans. Just don’t wear them if there is any chance of rain!
• Avoid too-tight white denim, which can look simply cheesy. Wear a well-fitting pair that flatters without emphasizing too much.

Care Tips

• Keep your white denim fresh by soaking your jeans for an hour or even overnight with detergent and bleach.
• White jeans should not be washed on the delicate cycle.
• Avoid hot dryers! Your jeans could turn yellowed from the heat.