5 Questions to Valentino Ricci


I’m sure many of you recognize this gentleman from the Sartorialist. Valentino Ricci, an attorney by profession is also the owner of sartoria Sciamat but most of all he is a gentleman with an impeccable style and when I saw his pictures I just had to get in touch with him. So I did and asked if he would like to answer some questions for me. As you can see below, Mr Ricci was very kind and accepted my inquiry.

How old were you when you first found out about your passion for clothes?

I had bought in a shop of fabrics a cut of chalked brown flannel and for the first time I crossed the threshold of a tailoring for man where I commissioned a custom suit for me: I was sixteen years old.

How would you describe your style?

Original contemporary classic style.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find the best inspiration on those old people sitting on benches in gardens and/or walking aroud the South Italy villages.

Name one well-dressed person that has influenced your life and taste (if there is one) ?

l’Avvocato Agnelli.

What do you think about fashion in general?

I think it has taken a wrong direction and you are following a wrong business: the business of that who finances fashion itself instead of final consumer’s one. If the latter were considered much more, things would improve.

Valentino’s website: http://www.sciamat.com/chisiamo.htm

Discussion between Mr. Hackett and Mr. Ricci
Interview (in Italian)

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This is guest post by Cristoffer N. from Sweden who currently blogs at http://welldressed.blogg.se/ about well dressed gentlemen all over the world.



  1. you’re so lucky you met him. I always wanted to.

  2. At 16, bespoke suits! Nice, I am quite jealous. An interesting detail I would like to point out is the shoulders that seem to be prominent on his jackets. You don’t see that too often. An acquired taste, to be sure.

  3. I really like his shoulders. I think they look good on him.

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