A Rakish Evening At Rubinacci



Last night saw the launch of issue five of The Rake magazine at the London branch of Rubinacci on Mount Street. Copies of the issue, with Luca Rubinacci sitting nonchalantly on the cover, were liberally distributed and a blow-up image of Luca adorned a poster in the corner. In the circumstances he was rather modest, as indeed were father Mariano Rubinacci and his twin sister, all anxious to extend their most generous hospitality to the great, good and (most importantly) stylish of London that attended.

After a brief introduction from The Rake’s Editor-in-Chief, Christian Barker, Nick Foulkes gave the keynote address. Nick wrote the cover story for this issue of The Rake, profiling Mariano and Luca, and he was full of bon mots to describe Rubinacci’s tailoring elegance, as well as anecdotes describing occasions where a knowledge of Rubinacci has come in most useful. As each name dropped with a (self-confessed) clang, Nick described his conversations with Luca di Montezemolo and the British Royal Family, both of which were saved by a reference to Rubinacci and his soft, elegant lines. It’s the international language of style, don’t you know.

The guest list was a testament to how far The Rake has come in just under a year (particularly given the sheet rain coming down outside). Most of those present knew and liked the magazine, agreeing it was a breath of fresh air in a magazine market dominated by lad’s mags and fashion quarterlies. Those that didn’t know it were instantly impressed when they picked it up – testament to the photography of Munster (also present) as much as anything else, in my opinion.

The sheer exuberance of colour and texture in the Rubinacci store makes it a perfect backdrop to social occasions, and many of those present remarked what a great idea it was to have such launches in locations like this. Indeed that drew the most comments of the evening – after those referring to the massive block of Parmesan cheese.

As a regular contributor to The Rake, I am of course biased. But it is still true that no magazine or website gives me such a sartorial thrill as reading this magazine. Hopefully my contributions go some way to giving that pleasure to others.

The Rake is still only available outside Asia by subscription, but plans are afoot to change that. In the meantime, Lodger on Clifford Street is selling a limited number of copies of issue 5 at the moment – priced at £10.


Simon Crompton is a journalist and a style enthusiast living in London, who blogs at permanentstyle.blogspot.com. He has too many suits.