Looking for Coolest New Sneakers? Wait for Alejandro Ingelmo


Our Designer Spotlight of the month goes to Alejandro Ingelmo, a shoe designer who has begun to branch into some of the most impressive men’s sneaker designs we’ve seen this year.

Choose from high tops and slip-ons from this designer who has already made his mark on the demanding, competitive women’s market. Ingelmo outfitted Madonna in her last H&M collection and has quickly pushed his way onto celebs’ fave shoe lists. According to Vogue, Madonna was so impressed that she even wrote a personal note of thanks after wearing shoes design by Ingelmo.

Alejandro Ingelmo used to specialize in what were dubbed “the new Manolos,” but now he has branched out to a new collection for men. Carefully constructed sneakers are just the starting point for some of the coolest designs available this year. Ingelmo’s shoes are constructed from just the middle of the skin; agreed to be the softest shoe leather available, Ingelmos have the edge on other shoes available in the best upscale stores.

Ingelmo’s expertise in footwear design didn’t just come out of nowhere. His great grandfather was a shoe cobbler in Salamanca, Spain prior to their family’s move to Cuba. Ingelmo Shoes was founded in Cuba in 1918, and was moved to Miami following the Cuban Revolution. Firmly established in the States, Ingelmo Shoes soon flourished into a globally distributed brand.

After studying at Parsons School of Design, Ingelmo began working on his own take of the Ingelmo Shoes brand. Using the same careful construction that made his great grandfather so successful, he has been stepping things up with versatile, modern appeal.

Styles and Shapes

Shiny Slip-ons: Ingelmo’s slip-on shoes have an easy shape that suits you best for those casual-but-dressy occasions where you need to impress. These slip-ons are available in funky deep colors with rich glossy finishes.

Cool Casual Skateboard-Influenced Shoes: You’ll see more versions of skateboard-ish style shoes from Ingelmo, which means that you’ll have more to choose from! If you love a little mixed up texture and extra stitching, you’ll love these Ingelmos.

Coming Soon

Ingelmo kicks will be available soon from Neiman Marcus stores and www.neimanmarcus.com, and Bergdorf Goodman at 754 Fifth Ave., NY and Jeffrey New York. Be warned though, they’re pricey: $365.

Source: men.style.com, alejandroingelmo.com



  1. I do not see the Alejandro ingelmo’s white patent leather sneaker as mentioned.
    Are they available ? …
    If so where?