Beard is Popular, but Ironically Shaving Products are Too


After years of being married to your razor, you are finally able to say good-bye to clumped stubble and dented shaving cream cans and embrace the beard. Even if you used to associate the bearded look with bikers and maybe even your dad, it’s time to forget the clippers and really get down to growing the long stuff.

We’ve seen beards sported on celebs of the moment like Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Ashton Cutcher and Johnny Depp, and it seems like magazines are also bursting with bearded models. Face it: If you need to update your look and you’re strapped for cash, a little facial hair will go far.

The time and effort dedicated to finding the right grooming products seems to be expanding along with the rush to grow a sexy beard this season. Take the success of The Art of Shaving, for example. This brand, founded in the ’90s, has grown from one tiny Manhattan shop to a virtual empire in men’s grooming. While The Art of Shaving may be all about taking off the beloved beard, it does carry lots of grooming products like face washes, scrubs, and masks in their signature blend of essential oils without synthetic dyes and fragrances. That’s good for everyone, beard or no beard, and those speciality grooming products are getting more popular by the minute.

Are you considering getting your beard back in shape? If you’re hunting for new supplies to try, here are some hits and misses for 2007 to guide your search:


• Two words: Ceramic Trimmers. Sharper-than-steel ceramic trimmers make it so much easier to trim that beard. Newer styles like the Remington MB42 can give you a precision beard line and desired sculpting.

• Every Man Jack’s line launched at Target in 2007 has been wildly successful. Not only do you score a positively minty, fresh wash to get your beard clean, but you’ll help the environment with minimal packaging for a happy Earth. You can find products for $4.99 at stores nationwide.


• The most recognizable “miss” for the shaving world—but good news to beard lovers everywhere—was Gillette’s Fusion razor. While it seemed nifty with 5 blades and a seriously stylish look, most seemed content with whatever they were using before. At least Gillette still has the overwhelmingly popular Mach 3 to make up for it.

Beards may be back in, but you can’t underestimate the power of a classic. The label Coate’s, which produces intensely creamy shave products, recently came back after a period of redesign. People have been stocking up all over New York, and although the stampede may be for a niche product, it’s a testament to tried-and-true brands coming back in vogue. From all natural Every Man Jack to Coate’s classic formula, we’re returning to basics. And that includes the beard itself.

In other words, Bushy is Back.