Linkroll: Bright Chinos, Enjoying Clothes, Off-White Shirt…


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• Use and enjoy your clothes. (

• The not-quite-white shirt. (

• Andrew Lock shoe review. (

• The Vitals magazine guide to buying a Rolex. (

• Il Corno Blu – Japanese bespoke shoes. (

• Epaulet made to order shirting. (

• Interview with Toshiyuki Kurosu, one of the creators of Take Ivy. (

• Atkinsons ties. (

• La Portegna x Permament Style travel slippers. (

• A nice 40s theme editorial. (

• Is clothing rotation an American thing? (

• Stetson Gulfport Hat by Meyer the Hatter. (



  1. Those pink chinos draw way too much attention to your meat and two veg. Loosen up!

  2. I have a pair of pink chinos that I absolutely love, and often get compliments on the dash of colour they provide. Once you get over your apprehension of wearing bright pink trousers in a sea of black, beige and blue you begin to rather enjoy it.

    However, as a student the cost of the things are somewhat prohibitive. I’ve come across £80 pairs from country suppliers that are no better quality than a £30 navy pair you could find in M&S.

  3. I love my chinos and have several pairs which I wear on a regular basis. But pink… that would be a step too far for me, a bit old fashioned I guess.