LinkRoll: Buttons, Chaps, Madrid…


• Buttons made the difference. (

• Sorry chaps, Abercrombie & Fitch simply doesn’t fit Savile Row. (

• Photos and a video from Savile Row protest. (

• Snaps from Madrid, Spain. (

• Style advice from Madrid, Spain. (

• La Portegna: simple, supple slippers.  (

• Beautiful Alden navy suede longwings. (

• Grades of shoe craftsmanship. (

• Maison Kitsuné opened a store in NYC.. (

• IWC opened a New York store. (

• Howard Yount 2012 summer suits & jackets. (

• Chester Barrie AW12. (

• Antonio Mannina. (

• Literary-inspired looks. (



  1. A continuous lean is of course a classic and excellent blog to follow. Some real good articles up there. Thanks for doing the footwork.


  2. Abercrombie and Fitch should be allowed to open up wherever they like, even if we don’t like them. (Someone obviously shops there, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing so well.) Such snobbery.