Linkroll: Foster & Son, Summer Suits, Middle Age Style…


• Beautiful new bespoke models by Foster & Son  (

• How to wear summer suits. Though I can’t promise your colleges won’t suspect you’re secretly a fashion blogger if you do.  (

• Style influences for a middle aged man. (

• Advocating heavier cloths for summer. (

• Die, Workwear! goes weird, wants single-button sleeves on sport coats. (

• Hardwick, an Ivy clothing seller advertising imagery from the 60’s. Hint: ‘sex sells’ counted back in the Ivy heyday too. (

• Richard Anderson RTW Autumn/Winter 2012. (

• This is how menswear enthusiast’s cycling-wear looks like. (

• goes French, but luckily there are some illustrations from Monsieur Magazine that don’t require translation. (

• As seen in Florence: blue odd jackets paired with grey trousers. (

• Maturing style and ‘Sprezza-tourism.’ (

• Summer weekends call for loud jackets. (

• Luciano Barbera’s idea of summer vacation: mountains. (

• A Swede’s guide to menswear stores in Barcelona. (

• Isaia’s Aquaspider jacket. (

• Proper Cloth mtm shirt review. (



  1. But aren’t those shoes made with that awful polished leather we’re all taught to despise?