Linkroll: Prince Charles, Stylish Men, A Tailor’s Tale…


• Here’s a proof that HRH the Prince of Wales would be great menswear blogger. (

• GQ’s Most Stylish Men Of The Week series is usually lame (sorry GQ!) but not this week . (

• A tailor’s tale about an eccentric client. (

• Summer sale at Leffot. (

• A Short History of the 6×2 DB and the men who wore them. (

• Loro Piana does the best “citified casual” look: making casual clothing outfits smart and dressy. (

• Members of Congress are not fans of “made in China” Ralph Lauren clothing, but not because of quality issues. (

• Shoe porn so good you’ll have to touch yourself. (

• Lining of jackets is certainly one of the timeliest topics to discuss in the heat of summer. (

• Impressive summer jacket by Neapolitan tailor Elia Caliendo. (

• The first fitting on a pair of bespoke slip-ons by Gaziano & Girling. (

• Is it too early for the 1990s revival: Paisley ties? (

• Dandies of DC enjoying summer in their vintage ensembles. (