Linkroll: Uniforms, Olympics, Rome…


• U.S. Olympic uniforms through the years. 1972 looks good actually. (

• Cary Grant’s last movie had Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics as a back drop. ( Expect to see a lot of trad staples: tapered trousers, desert boots, blue oxford, knit tie, natural-shouldered sack jacket… and boxers. (

• When in Rome… Indulge in a pleasuring place (shop/tailor/barber/spa) that is Wonderfool. (

• In the shade of Caraceni and Rubinacci many unknowns grow. Mario Pecora one of them. (

• I’m sure there will be a revival of the 70s in menswear some day. And that day may not be far away. Clothing will look like in this fashion shoot from 1972. (

• Some cool words used to express admiration of Car Shoe’s driving shoes. (

• Corneliani FW12: fashion shoot in their factory. (

• Introduction to shawl-collared tailcoat. (

• Interview with Hard Graft, makers of beautiful leather goods. (

• A simple but beautiful bag, and best of all it’s only $48. (

• How to make jeans and a tie look work. (

• Street style video. Images are not enough anymore. (

• Everyone makes ties these days and yet Passaggio Cravatte distinguish themselves from their peers. Using a rare silk helps. (