Links: Chic Cyclist, Proper Fitting, Olive…



• Chic cyclists are very difficult to catch. (

• Proper fitting. (

• An ode to olive.  (

• A lot of seersucker. (

• Ralph Lauren Spring Summer by Sheila Metzner. (

• Carmina shell cordovan shoes. (

• A case for round plastic frames. (

• Washing jeans after six months of wear. (

• Style and craftsmanship. (



  1. Lots of thanks for the linking and for all the traffic.

    Glad to have the readership and would love to have you all drop some comments or send some feedback.

    Thanks again.

  2. The fit of that man’s clothes is good, but the fit of his bike is appalling. Far too small!

  3. Yes, many thanks for the link and the traffic – and glad you liked the Carmina post!
    Dan F.
    (An Uptown Dandy)

  4. Donald Gorgon says:

    In the movies, the stars have one shirt for standing up and one for sitting down.

    When I sit down I don’t want the shirt to gape open, so when trying on I always sit down to check this.