Links: Movember, Sweats, Black Tie…



• Winston is growing a ‘tache for Movember. (

• Grown-up way to wear sweats, or is it? (

• A thought or two on black tie. (

• Check out the check options. (

• Personal style: Paul Weller. (

• On business shirts. (

• The necktie: brief history. (



  1. What’s the consensus on the likes of Paul Weller turning fashion designer?

    I like the suit he’s wearing, but how much design did he do?
    Does he just give someone an outline of what he likes in a suit and then put his name on it?

    What’s the quality like for £475?

  2. Also, while I think of it. Does anyone know what shoe Paul Weller is wearing in that photo?

    Look a bit like the Loake Woodstock
    , but nicer.

  3. hes wearing crockett and jones, you dont need to have design skills just know whats what

  4. I guess he knows what’s what. I like his suit.