Links: Slippers, Vintage, T-shirt…


• Mickey Rourke’s bespoke slippers. (

• On vintage. (

• Finally, a real t-shirt. (

• Chaps to stage radical protest on Savile Row.  (

• A visit to Wolsey. (

• Marc Guyot Paris: new shop, new shoe. (

• Fixing a pull on a silk Tie. (

• Dressing for a weekend night out. (

• Bond goes slim-fit. (

• Aquascutum: shielding a brand from financial storms. (



  1. I really like a lot of these links. Putthison is one of my favorite sites. I like Mrporter too. As always, its really a nice move on the part of Mensflair to compile all these links. Very gentlemanly of them.


  2. Thanks for the link to my blog; glad you liked the article on Aquascutum!

  3. Like the doctor above, I’m also grateful for the link to my rant