Lino Ieluzzi – Al Bazar


“Style is not fashion, it’s something we have inside”

Lino Ieluzzi, owner of clothing store Al Bazar in Milan is a well dressed gentleman with a unique style. He is colourful, elegant and oozes charisma – something the actors in Hollywood can learn from. It looks like he loves life just as much as he loves clothes. Mr Ieluzzi is simply a star.

Video of Lino in his store:

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This is guest post by Cristoffer N. from Sweden who currently blogs at about well dressed gentlemen all over the world.



  1. Bravo Joe. I could not agree with you more when it comes to Lino.

  2. A great example of personal style. The quote is very accurate its not just the clothes but how you wear them.

  3. Simon Crompton says:

    The key here is good tailoring, consistency of dress and small personal flourishes (wallet chain and ultra-wide spread collars).

    It takes confidence and experience to be that consistent yet also unique.

  4. his knot looks very Windsory