Rubbermaid to Lunch Everyday Men’s Grooming Tools


For all of the men out there who want to buy a good pair of tweezers but still feel a bit silly about it when they’re in the shops, they’re just about to get manlier. Before you scoff, think about it: some of you (my significant other included) don’t particularly want to traipse down the personal grooming aisle in just any drugstore. Besides the fact that they’re still very female-centered, they can be crowded, confusing, and basically a pain to navigate.

A Georgia-based U.S. company is about to change that. Ace, which is part of the Rubbermaid company and is known for creating those famous back-pocket black combs, has announced plans to launch a new line of grooming products for men, which we’ll be seeing here in the States in October and in Europe come 2008.

What’s the big deal about Ace? For one thing, they’re not afraid of the novelty factor. Each of their grooming tools resembles miniature sanding tools or pocket drills, for example, and they’ll also be placed in a more appropriate place in each drugstore. You can find these new Ace items near shaving creams and supplies, instead of what Christin Hatsfield, Ace’s Brand Manager, calls the “’pink’ aisle.” What a perfect change for men everywhere who prefer not to venture out of their comfort zone.

One of Ace’s newest products is a nail file pick, which will be found in Home Depot stores next months in the U.S., and have been designed to remove paint and grit while still cleaning and filing.

Already have an excellent nail pick? Ace is planning its welcome takeover of the grooming items department with nail scissors, fogless mirrors, and tweezers, all in proportions that are designed to fit your larger man-fingers.

With all this attention on new grooming products for men, you’ve got to check it out if you’re letting your nose and ear hair go wild. These newer products have a slick appeal in black and red, and are designed with the more rugged man in mind. According to a spokeswoman for Ace, they are intended for men called “Grunginators” (ultra laid-back guys) as well as for the more straight-laced preppy types.

Ace plans on testing its products out on the masses this fall, including special appearances at major tail-gate parties and colleges. With “yellow flags” being handed out to men who need to pay a little more attention to specific areas, Ace is going to scoop up a few more men with questionable manscaping abilities and make them one of the impeccably (or at least acceptably) groomed. It’s about time, don’t you think?