Muscle Men Are Back On Runways


There’s no denying that this spring 2007, classical Greek silhouettes have been making an even greater impact on men’s fashion than they usually do. Even though we’ve been positively drenched with simple skinny styles from favorite designers like Dsquared, Y-3 and Jean Paul Gaultier, muscle-bound looks are in again.

Things are getting more athletic and body conscious post geek-chic, and athletic styles are flooding the runways from designer greats like Dolce and Gabbana. Domenico Dolce himself described his inspiration as the “spirit of [the] Olympics” and a “healthy mind and body,” and it’s true. From hard bodies at Dolce to roomier silhouettes making their way back into our closet, we’ll always be seduced by muscle-bound appearances.

And who’s a better champion of the muscle look than Herb Ritts, who hid himself behind the scenes as one of the hottest male photographers? Until his death in 2002, Ritts seduced the nation with modern versions of the Greek ideal. His prolific and accelerated career spanned European magazines, advertising campaigns and a fair deal of personal portraiture with stylized sexy portraits of muscle-bound models. Ritts’ work is where you should turn for a little inspiration for the spring, if you need a reason to embrace a more athletic silhouette again.

In homage to statuesque Greek style, try some of the best looks from body-conscious designers on the up-and-up. Michael Bastion has his debut collection hit up in Fall 2006, and since then, his work has conformed to daily necessities—suits, jeans, and blazers—and everything is perfectly tailored in soft fabrics and knits.

Bastion’s most recent collection will flatter the modern, masculine shapes that are on the rise. Athletic tees hug pecs and flatter washboard abs, and shorts have an athletic design to match a more muscular body. Even blazers have a curiously roomy-yet-loose effect that only comes from impeccable tailoring. All in all, Bastion’s designs have an innate sense for flattering the body and emphasizing the positive.

With the body getting bulked, there’s no reason to retreat to baggy styles. More muscular shapes are coming back into vogue, but you don’t need to despair if your body isn’t the ideal. Bastian specializes in slimmed-down sporty shapes for athletic men, and regardless of how athletic you really are, you can fool them all with the right choices.