Mustang, the Newest Men’s Fragrance, Continues its Success


It’s not much of a shock—at least for some—that Mustang’s new fragrance has appealed to men. But how fast the fragrance has truly taken off has caught us by surprise.

Since its launch, Mustang has been sold in 39 retailers nationwide, and will continue its success in August 2007 by continuing a rollout at merchandisers and chain drug stores. According to statements made to the press, the Mustang fragrance has far exceeded the expectations of everyone involved in the project.

Jessy Porto, the Director of Global Marketing for Aramis and Designer Fragrance, told the press that “Sales of Mustang have just been incredible and beyond expectation. In its first week of sales at Sears’ stores throughout the United States, it was the No. 1-selling fragrance.”

But that success was carefully planned. The pairing of Ford and Aramis designer fragrance was a thought-out venture combined with careful market research. 80 percent of Mustang owners are aged between 27 and 59, which is also the same group that buys men’s fragrances.

Some wonder if the fragrance is just a gimmick to get car lovers to buy it. In this case, certainly not. It’s bold scent with bold packaging and that works well for different men who all have one thing in common—love of a Truly American product. Mustang has heart notes of pipe tobacco and cedarwood, with lavender, ginger and lemon creating a bold scent. The traditional notes of patchouli, fir balsam, and amber wrap up the masculine vibe.

Since 60 percent of the fragrance sold goes to women purchasing it as gifts for their male significant others, we mustn’t rule out the importance of the visual appeal. Even the packaging channels a no-nonsense, rugged look. The graphite cap is smooth and understated, while the pony logo is prominently placed on both the bottle and on a collector’s tin.

“Aramis and Designer Fragrances is a global leader in the industry and we are proud to partner with them. The fragrance they have produced will be a natural extension of the Mustang brand, which has been and continues to thrive as an aspirational American icon for over 40 years,” John Nens, the Director of Global Brand Licensing for the Ford Motor Company, stated to the press. “It is a great partnership when you can bring together two companies that are so strongly rooted in American culture as our two companies.”

The Mustang fragrance is available in 3.4oz/100ml Cologne Spray (SRP: $32), 1.7oz/50ml Cologne Spray (SRP: $25), 1.0oz/30ml Cologne Spray (SRP: $20), and a 3.4oz/100ml After Shave (SRP: $25).