Sartorial Stereotypes: Christmas Day Knitwear


Black Cashmere V Neck The Black Cashmere V Neck man has had a good year and, tastefully and quietly, he wants everyone to know it. A resolute bachelor, he lives in a family-sized flat without the slightest hint of guilt. His slick steel fridge in his Calacatta-covered kitchen is full: a batch of vintage Krug that was once gifted to, but never consumed by, Mikhail Gorbachev and non-farmed Beluga (illegal and criminally expensive at $5,000 a … [Read more...]

Internet Tailoring Series: Interview with Andreu Fernandez of Tailor4Less


Let’s face it. Internet tailoring is like a lottery draw held in the middle of a soggy minefield during an electrical storm: if something can go wrong, it probably will. You’re uncertain. You doubt them. I hear you; which is why I am interviewing a series of these firms to get the individual lowdown on their product and service. For the second interview, I spoke with Andreu Fernandez of Tailor4Less. 1. What is the Tailor4Less … [Read more...]

Joining the London Crew


“Ohmygodyouknowwhat? I love J Crew!” I heard a girl squeal as she passed the American brand’s new London store on the oh-so-desirable and revitalized Regent Street – which now eclipses the famous-but-tired Oxford Street for footfall – and has seen (and will continue to see) the opening of grand new emporiums for the likes of Gant, Hackett and Tommy Hilfiger, whereas the street that Selfridges calls home gets, er, a new Primark. If … [Read more...]

The Judgment of a Woman


"He's the best dressed man at the wedding" she shouted, gesturing towards a nameless gentleman who was propped up at a dark, unmanned bar with a watery single malt. The ghostly cavern which he inhabited was a reminder of the fact that this was an out-of-season resort; a slab of granite that would, in the heat of summer, be adorned with dripping cocktails, was dry and dark. He had sought a relaxing, gloomy repose from the matrimonial merriment; a … [Read more...]

Linkroll: Frankendandy, Silk Knit, Trunk Labs…


• The Frankendandy for Halloween ( • The soft silk knit. ( • Shopping London: Trunk Labs. ( • Casentino wool. ( • Paul Evans Cagney cap toe oxfords review. ( • Visiting Ledbury. ( • The Shoe Snob and J.Fitzpatrick footwear. ( • Checks for fall. ( • Book review: Vicuña: … [Read more...]