Notes of a Fuddy Duddy


I am no longer what is universally considered a 'young man.' I know this because someone informed me of the fact very recently, touching me firmly on the wrist as they might a nervous patient to whom they were dispensing a diagnosis. I also know it because I have recognised in myself some peculiar fuddy duddyness: skepticism is creeping over me like a vine,  I have an increasing desire for solitude and am starting to adopt the inherited … [Read more...]

Linkroll: Drake’s Autumn, Sportcoats & Jeans, Masaru Okuyama…


• Drake's new season selection. ( • Which sport coats can be worn with jeans? ( • Introducing Japanese shoemaker Masaru Okuyama. ( • Lord Fairhaven's wardrobe. ( • Study and variation on the jacket pockets. ( • It’s all in the collar. ( • Arcuri Cravatte bespoke tie review. … [Read more...]

Notes On The Modern Interpretation Of Craftsmanship


Craft; there’s nothing quite like it. Just think of it. What else can justify the length of time it takes from commission to delivery other than ‘craftsmanship’? “Thank you sir, this will take two months” the assistant says coolly. “Ok. Can I pay more to have it done quicker?” “It won’t be much quicker than that, I’m afraid sir. You see, this is not a fashion emporium. We employ craftsmen.” “Ah. Ok. So I … [Read more...]

Linkroll: Ralph Lauren, Rugby Shirt, Cream Trousers…


• First Look: Ralph Lauren spring-summer 2014. ( • 1970s style with the Rugby shirt. ( • Cream trousers for summer. ( • Reyn’s for Gant from the early 1960s. ( • Bespoke shirt options: English vs Neapolitan. ( • Chapal of Paris. ( • 10 style moves from Gianni Agnelli. ( • L.L. Bean … [Read more...]

Linkroll: Longwings, Espadrilles, Wingtips…


• Review: John Doe shoes suede ‘Connor’ longwings. ( • Espadrilles: the Mediterranean beach shoe. ( • Selecting the right wingtip design. ( • Take Ivy photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida, 1930-2013 ( • More than you ever wanted to know about boat shoes. ( • Reconsidering the single monk. … [Read more...]