The Solosso Custom Made Shirt Giveaway


It’s always a challenge to find great fitting, well made clothing at affordable prices. With shirts, that challenge is even higher. You wouldn’t think it possible with all the “custom made clothing” services that emerged on the Internet in recent years. Reality is that usually only a glimpse over the images of the clothing offered at these services is enough to make you look for the close button in your web browser.

We were, therefore, pleasantly surprised when we learned of Solosso – a company that indeed provides high quality custom tailored shirts. Admittedly we haven’t had the opportunity to inspect their shirts by hand, but you can tell from the information and images on the website that they have all the marks of high quality shirts: fine fabrics, mother-of-pearl buttons, pattern matching, single needle stitching, removable collar stays, split yokes, and gussets.


Another feature that separates Solosso from the bunch is that their manufacturing practices maintain socially responsible and environmentally sound methods. Solosso uses recycled packaging, buttons are made from pearls which were grown on farms, not harvested and they contribute to the to offset CO2 footprint from the shipping.


The process of ordering a shirt is fairly simple: customer creates his shirt from the start, choosing the fabrics and fit along with optional custom design elements like a monogram or an alternative fabric on an inner cuff or collar. With easy measurement guidelines and perfect fit guarantee there’s minimal chance of something going wrong.

Solosso approached us with the idea to give out one custom tailored shirt 100% free to one lucky reader of which we happily accepted. With Father’s Day approaching they also decided to give 20 USD off the purchase to anyone using the code: FATHERSUNITED2011, until the end of June.

For a chance to win the shirt do one of the following:
1) Follow or retweet on Twitter, 2) Like or share on Facebook, or 3) Subscribe our mailing list at the top right corner. Then simply comment to this article telling us you did it. The winner will be picked via

This is our first giveaway and there are no freebie hunters around so you’ll have a high chance of winning the shirt. The giveaway ends 10th June at 12:00 PM (EDT). Enter today!



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