Tom Ford Goes Global


You should know by now that Tom Ford is no longer the creative director of Gucci, but the designer behind his own high-end label as he has opened up a store on Madison Avenue in New York, the destination for mammoth stores from designers like Ralph Lauren, advertising agencies and the Madison Square Garden. The first official Tom Ford Menswear store accentuates the grandiose fantasy on its own and offers clothing in his own signature style through which one can expect nothing less than fashion designed with impeccable taste. This is refined style that lies somewhere in between his work for Gucci, and the clothing that reflects forward thinking, minimalist mentality of Calvin Klein.

If nothing else, Tom is bringing the chic fashion and style that Gucci popularized in the late nineties to a new audience, through an agreement with Ermenegildo Zegna. For clueless, Ermenegildo Zegna is a label that offers great fashion that is on par with that of high-fashion labels, yet is a bit more conservative, with an emphasis of quality over fashion.

There are also lines of luxury eyewear and fragrances that you’re likely to find first, before you ever get a taste of the luxurious clothing he offers in his store as both are already available in such reputable retailers as Neiman Marcus and Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

After Tom Ford opened his shop in New York, we knew that we hadn’t seen the last of him. A sleek shop and a luxurious environment draws anyone with style, but his newest plan for retail domination has still surprised us. Until next June, we’ll be seeing Tom Ford’s pieces exclusively in his Madison Avenue shop, but after that, we’ll be seeing him branch out considerably in three continents.

Come fall of next year, Tom Ford will open shops in collaboration with Daslu in Brazil, Trois Pommes in Switzerland, Mercury in Russia, Villa Moda and UAE Trading in the Middle East, Harrods in London, and Lane Crawford Joyce Group for Asia. So no matter where you live and where you take your holidays, you’ll be able to find a boatload of Tom Ford designs. 87 Tom Ford stores will be opening in Japan, Taiwan, Macau, China, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Chairman of Tom Ford, Domenico De Sole stated to the press that “We have partnered with the finest companies internationally … giving us the necessary competitive advantage as we expand our men’s wear business globally.”

Some of us may be a little surprised at the rapid expansion, given that The New York Times’ rather scathing article by Horacio Silva declared that entering the Madison Avenue shop “made me feel like Oprah trying to shop at Hermès.” But if it’s exclusivity you crave, then you’ve come to the right place.

For those of us who haven’t gotten the chance to personally enjoy Tom Ford’s pieces, let’s just say that you’re going to have to take the opportunity when stores start popping up. After leaving Gucci in 2004, some believed that Tom Ford would dabble exclusively in fragrances and eyewear, but with the opening of his New York stores, he’s not going to specialize in accessories anytime soon.

Luxury items with a price point high enough to induce sticker shock need unique elements to make them attractive to the buyer, and that explains Tom Ford’s major success that’s cashing in somewhere around $700K every week. Look for tuxedos alongside tennis shoes this season, and in fall, refined shooting clothes and beautiful cufflinks.

“With a clearly defined distribution plan in place, and a discerning eye on quality, service and design,” De Sole said to the press. “We are poised to establish the first true luxury brand of the 21st century.”

Get ready.